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Google Pixel 5 smartphone review: between luxury and budget

Google Pixel 5 smartphone review: between luxury and budget

Once again, Google is making its way into the wireless market. In October 2020, the release of the Google Pixel 5 is coming and, judging by the preliminary information, the phone will turn out to be “not anyhow, but gold!”, Because its price is like for a premium segment.

Will the brand be able to surprise the fastidious buyers? Google divided its compatriots into two camps even at the announcement stage. Some recall with horror the first, raw and unfinished versions with a frenzied price tag, as well as the Windows Phone line, inconvenient in all plans, at the same time refusing to offer companies related to programs, while others have long been ready to buy a smartphone and try all the functions.

The main questions of this article:

  • Are megapixels so important in a camera?
  • Why does Google skimp on batteries?
  • Is the phone worth the price?

Brief summary of earlier versions

Are foreign users right about the Google Pixel line, or are they already oversaturated with the variety? To be convinced or refute this opinion, it is worth going back to the origins.

Already the first model showed that Google is not going to save on products and ruin its reputation. The lineup was opened by a compact, but nimble Google Pixel, in which the processor clock speed reached 2.15 GHz in 2016. Of course, then there was no need to talk about beautiful design and ergonomics.

Subsequent versions of the Pixel 2 and 2 XL also picked up the vibrant trends. For example, the brand did not skimp on a high-quality OLED matrix and timely updates to the just released Android OS 8 and 9, but the battery was still the weak link of the entire line.

Is it worth guessing what stood out Pixel 3 in the spring of 2019? At this time, there was a peak of huge smartphones with a backdrop dotted with cameras from 64 to 2 MP of all kinds. The screen resolution in the model is 2220 × 1080 pixels, which is still a huge indicator for phones.

There is a pattern here: 2016 models are powerful, 2017 - with high-quality materials, 2018-2019 - overall and with a good camera.

Can 2020 eliminate weak battery life and cheap design all at once? The investigation has begun.


You can understand that Google in 2020 completely approached the redesign of the Pixel from the first glance at the new model. The happy owners of this smartphone will probably be constantly haunted by the question: "Is this an IPhone?"

The influence of the American sibling brand is visible here with the naked eye. Starting with exquisite dimensions. Of course, there are no official numbers yet, but the convenience of the Google Pixel 5 can be judged by the screen, which has not even reached 6 inches. Already with the fresh releases of Xiaomi and Oppo, where the screen is getting closer to 7 inches, it cannot compete.

The first touch, however, will send users back to heavy budget. The front part is covered with tempered glass with Gorilla Glass 3, which in general will pass for protection. In the same place, in the upper left corner, there is a selfie camera in the form of a sphere. The back is represented by matte plastic and there are a lot of disadvantages here. After all, every imprint of imperfectly clean hands will definitely remain on the phone (an extra reason to wash them!), And any interaction of the Pixel 5 (without a case) in a pocket with keys will also manifest itself.And for lovers of aesthetics, a cheap case will certainly spoil the impression.

In addition to the small “G” logo on the back, there is a miniature unit of 2 cameras covered with protective glass and a fingerprint cutout.

Just two cameras! The main thing is not to tell Chinese manufacturers about this.

Google's logic is surprising: there is a fingerprint sensor, but no headphone jack.


The Google Pixel 5 bundle can be summed up in a nutshell:

  • Coupon, certificates;
  • Charger;
  • Clip for sim-card;
  • USB cable.

There is only one color - black, but according to rumors, dark green may be added by October.


ParametersOppo Reno 4 specifications    
Body materialPlastic body, front glass, plastic side edges
Screen19: 9: 5 bezel-less display
Screen diagonal - 5.8 inches, amoled matrix, resolution - FullHD (1080 x 2340 pixels)
Capacitive touchscreen with support for up to 10 simultaneous touches
Color gamut - 16 million shades
Processor (CPU)Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 (G +), made on 7nm process technology, 8 cores, 64-bit with 1 pc. 2.4 GHz Kryo 475 Prime x 1 2.2 GHz Kryo 475 Gold and 6 pcs. 1.8 GHz Kryo 475 Silver;
Graphics Accelerator (GPU)Adreno 620
operating systemAndroid 10
Built-in memory128 GB
Memory card supportmicroSDXC
CommunicationGSM - 2G
LTE - 4G, 5G (800, 850, 900, 1700/2100, 1800)
Wireless interfacesDual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot
Bluetooth® V 5.1
Wi-Fi direct technology
Main cameraFirst module: 12 MP, image sensor size - 1 / 2.55 ", aperture f / 1.7
Second module: 8 MP, ultra-wide
LED flash
Supported video recording formats: 4K @ 30fps, 1080p @ 30/60 / 120fps; gyro-EIS
Front-camera8 MP, f / 2.0, (wide), 1.12 µm
Batterynon-removable 400 mAh, fast charging 18 Volts
Google Pixel 5


A powerful screen is one of the main trump cards up the sleeve of Google. Judging by the preliminary characteristics, the possibilities of the novelty are strictly between the luxury and the middle market.

It is worth starting the review with the matrix. At the heart of the Pixel 5 is the expensive Korean-made Amoled. It perfectly covers a weak battery, while giving out a bright picture. With the addition of Android 10, a huge world of customization will open up to users. Among the custom settings will be available to change the color palette, night / day theme, as well as enable reading mode.

The screen resolution will be - 1080 x 2340 pixels, with a total size of 5.8 inches. The 441 ppi pixel ratio completes the high-quality and rich picture.

The screen refresh rate is 90 Hz.

Another nice bonus is the Always-on-display function, which displays time up to seconds on the lock screen without losing charging.

Pixel operating system and interface

The famous brand has never been fond of creating authoring skins such as MIUI or ColorOS. In this regard, Google has carte blanche, because it is quite difficult to imagine the existence of Android without numerous assistant applications.

Pixel 5 owners will acquire a whole set of unique applications, and this is not to mention the capabilities of the "dozens". For example:

  • Automatic subtitles for any video with the ability to filter obscene language;
  • Voice recorder transcription and keyword search;
  • Own application for finding music;

The new version of Android will supplement this list with a "concentration" mode, a complete analysis of application activity and nice widgets. Unlike Windows' attempts to create a user-friendly and austere menu, Google did not re-create the interface, so anyone can handle the phone.

From the usual applications, there will be mail, calendar, engineering calculator and audio player linked by a single account.


In addition, the Google Pixel 5 stands out for its gaming abilities due to the smart and popular Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor (with Game Booster support), which is popular in the middlemarket / premium. Even such complex games as World of Tanks the phone will launch thanks to powerful process optimization.

The chip itself has a 7-nanometer architecture of 8 cores.They are naturally divided into three clusters, where each core is responsible for its own process. For example, the first 2.4 GHz Kryo 475 Prime cluster is dedicated entirely to gaming and heavy applications. The second cluster, Kryo 475 Gold, is not much worse at 2.2 GHz, will take over the processing of system tasks. 6 cores with a frequency of 1.8 GHz will be picked up at once.

The general opinion of experts about this chip is positive. It implements the latest version of Direct X integrated graphics (12) and the Open SL feature to improve it. Users also appreciated the choice of developers, because Qualcomm is the guarantor of quality throughout the world.

Interesting to know! The smartphone works with 5G communication.

In addition to its power, the chip is famous for its support for an effective antivirus, as well as the possibility of out-of-order execution. A significant advantage for busy people!


If for Koshchei the Immortal death lies in a needle, for Google Pixel of all generations it is hidden in a weak battery. In the fifth version, the developers broke a personal record of 4000 mAh. A real gift for fans!

How long will it last? For active users, this is no more than one day with constant Internet access, social. networks and additional applications. In standby mode, the battery life will last up to 5 days. The 18 Volt fast charging function corrects the situation a little, otherwise 4% in 5 minutes. You will have to wait at least 1.5 hours to fully charge.


As mentioned earlier, the developers of the new model have added only two sensors for the main camera. Is it a plus or a significant minus? We have to figure it out.

Primary lens capabilities: 12.2MP, f / 1.7 powerful aperture and 27mm wide zoom. The presumptive opinion of experts, judging by the characteristics, is positive. The photo taken with the Google Pixel 5 has good color reproduction. The most successful modes are landscape and portrait.

Second lens features: 8 MP and ultra-wide format.

Are megapixels so important? With the arrival of Android 10 in people's lives, the shooting process has become much easier. The powerful HDR function works in several modes at once: document scanner, panorama, live focus, time-lapse and slow-mo. Also, users are provided with 5 formats, both for social. networks and professional.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Large and bright screen;
  • Amoled Matrix;
  • Powerful chipset;
  • High quality, clear photos;
  • Fast charging;
  • 3rd generation Corning Gorilla Glass protection;
  • Neat and comfortable shape.
  • Plastic, easily soiled body;
  • Only one color;
  • No jack for wired headphones;
  • Weak battery (lasts less than a day).

Results, dates, prices

During the announcement, the approximate price of Google Pixel 5 was announced - $ 650. For the global crisis in 2020, the figure is not small, because it means that the phone is successfully competing with the kings of Samsung and Apple. Is it so?

Quite, because the brand has filled the new product with quality elements. Camera and mid-range Snapdragon chipset work fine. The phone copes with everyday activities despite the weak battery. The design does not look cheap, and most importantly, the dimensions allow people of all ages to use it. However, those who are looking for a productive smartphone for work should not focus on the model.

The question is, will the vaunted Pixel reach Russia? For a long time, Google sold only in the American market, so a fan, in order to get his own Google, will have to look for intermediaries and significantly overpay.