1. How does it work
  2. Correct selection criteria
  3. Rating of popular tea machines
  4. Summing up

Rating of the best tea machines for 2020

Rating of the best tea machines for 2020

The tea machine is a new trend among kitchen appliances that has appeared recently. A coffee machine-like appliance is slowly gaining popularity as it takes tea brewing to a whole new level. Special devices for brewing allow you to prepare hot tea from any brew, maintaining the required temperature, strength and volume. The review examines the criteria for choosing a tea maker, the presented models are accompanied by a detailed description indicating the cost, pros and cons. Also included is a selection of helpful tips on how to brew tea properly.

How does it work

Standard models have subtleties that greatly surprise those who have not yet encountered such devices. One of these features is that they bring water to a boil for a long time. Most of the budget tea makers do not have a power button, and when they are plugged into the network, they immediately begin to heat the water. It is quite difficult to remove residual water from the device.

Constructions can be of two types:

  1. Vertical. Here, the teapot is either placed on top of the main body or side by side. In both cases, the teapot is heated, and the vertically positioned appliance saves space in the kitchen.
  2. Horizontal ones are considered the most advanced, have touch control, are equipped with screens and platforms. You can adjust the temperature of both the device and the main body. Various automatic modes are also provided for brewing different types of tea.

The appliance has a small water container with a hole for placing a capsule, just like a coffee machine. A tea maker, powered by the mains, very quickly brews a delicious drink, which has a pronounced aroma and richness. Such a device is perfect for office and home use.

Correct selection criteria

When choosing a machine for brewing tea, it is advisable to focus on certain nuances:

  1. Control type. There are two types of tea makers - with mechanical and electronic control. A mechanically controlled instrument has several switches, while an electronic instrument is equipped with a touch panel or multiple keys. Which type of management to choose depends on the wishes and preferences of the buyer. The machine with mechanical control is much simpler, while the electronic control opens up many possibilities for the consumer, looks stylish and comfortable to work with.
  2. Brewing mechanism. It is included with the machine and can be of two types - removable and non-removable. The removable mechanism must be cleaned by hand using all kinds of cleaning agents. The non-removable mechanism is cleaned at the push of a button.
  3. Power. The parameter directly affects the brewing speed.Do not forget that when brewing quickly, boiling water does not have time to absorb the entire aroma of the tea leaf, so you have to choose between the speed of brewing or the richness of the drink.
  4. Body material. Usually, steel or plastic is used to make the body of the tea brewing machine. The steel case is more reliable, but greatly affects the cost of the device.
  5. Grinding capability. This function allows you to finely grind the tea leaves that are used for brewing.
  6. Dimensions of the device. A large machine will take up a lot of space and cause some inconvenience. It is advisable that the actual kitchen area is taken into account when purchasing the appliance.

Devices with the function of self-grinding tea leaves into powder have a set of millstones, which are of two types:

  1. Ceramic. Ceramic millstones work quietly and are not subject to oxidation. But a big disadvantage is their short service life. If foreign objects get inside the appliance, there is a high risk of damage to the millstones.
  2. Millstones made of metal are stronger and more durable.

Tea brewing machines are vertical or horizontal, plastic or glass, have the function of heating the cooling drink, automatic or manual control. Some models have functions for rinsing and grinding tea leaves. There are models who just make tea.

Rating of popular tea machines

Tea brewing machines are no longer exotic and have become common kitchen appliances. With them, the everyday preparation of tea has changed a lot, since you can use any type of brewing and it is easy to prepare a drink of a certain temperature, saturation and volume. A detailed review of the best will help consumers make the right choice based on the characteristics, pros and cons of models that differ in cost and additional functionality. The best are tea makers from the USA, Russia and Germany.

Most inexpensive

Rommelsbacher ta 1200

Manufacturers from Germany present a unique model of a tea maker with 4 operating modes. Brewing tea goes through all the necessary stages from 10 seconds to 10 minutes. The model is equipped with a timer, is compact, elegant and convenient, made of glass and plastic.

Price: from 8150 rubles.

Rommelsbacher ta 1200
  • compact, sleek design;
  • closed heating coil;
  • glass case.
  • the alert tone is too loud.

Selecline xb 6991

Tea makers of the Selecline brand, owned by the French retailer AUCHAN, are manufactured in China by Ningbo Shuaiwei Electric Appliance Co and are positioned as the best in the lower price segment. Of course, for that kind of money, you can't buy an automatic tea maker like the Kitfort. But for a small family or for one person, a liter container with a small teapot that has the function of keeping warm is perfect.

This model balances between financial capabilities and consumer desires and can be considered the golden mean. Two minutes of machine operation - and two cups of good hot tea are ready for you. The advantages include low power (600 W) and a comfortable, thermally insulated handle. The base and lid of the model are made of plastic, and the water level is clearly visible in the glass bulb. The device is as compact as possible (height 23 cm, width - 17.5 cm, length - 19.5 cm) and weighs only 900 g, therefore it is considered the best for economical people.

Cost: from 895 rubles.

Selecline xb 6991
  • power 600 W;
  • electronic control;
  • the model is absolutely safe;
  • you can control the water level.
  • small yield of finished tea.
  • short power cord.

Xiaomi Deerma Stainless Steel Health Pot

Another model of a vertical tea maker. The principle of operation of this type of tea brewing machine is very simple: there is only a heating element in the electric kettle, which heats up, and the rising steam heats the teapot. The stand on which the electric kettle is located is a complete control panel.

The power of the model is 1000 W, which is not so much for a 1.5 liter electric kettle. Both teapots are made of glass and metal. The buttons on the control panel allow you to activate six modes. It is interesting to note that the manufacturer claims this model as a device not only for making tea, but also for warming up the first courses or dessert.

The control panel is only worthy of positive reviews. There is a timer on it, and there is also a function to maintain the set temperature in the kettle. It seems that the model from the Xiaomi brand has the widest range of functions of all the devices presented in the rating. And yet, the vast majority of buyers, in our opinion, will prefer to use it as a tea maker, without even thinking about such items included in the package as a metal stewing stand, etc.

Price: 1400 rubles.

Xiaomi Deerma Stainless Steel Health Pot
  • the delivery set includes a stand and a glass flask for extinguishing;
  • teapots made of glass and metal;
  • the whole structure is not very heavy;
  • a choice of six operating modes;
  • the presence of a timer;
  • function of keeping warm for 6 hours.
  • high cost;
  • may seem difficult to master for many;
  • average power.

Average price category

Lamark lk-1602

The versatile model, which is used for making tea and coffee, has proven itself well. The machine is made of highly heated glass, in the center there is a piston for pumping water. Consumers consider the model quite interesting, since it performs all the necessary functions well, only in small volumes.

Price: from 2990 rubles.

Lamark lk-1602
  • quickly brings water to a boil;
  • auto heating is provided;
  • no plastic smell.
  • makes excessively loud noises when boiling water.

Bosch private collection

Vertical model from a famous brand. The bottom of the appliance is used to maintain the set temperature. The upper part serves as a teapot and is used to pour the finished tea. The plinth contact swivel is designed for 360 degrees and can be installed in any position.

Price: from 2500 rubles.

Bosch private collection
  • auto heating is provided;
  • the bottom is made of stainless steel;
  • conveniently located plastic grip.
  • there is no automatic mode.

ProfiCook PC-TKS 1056

This original set consists of a teapot, a familiar electric kettle and an electronic stand that combines them. The kettle is very powerful - 2250 W, which is impressive, so the water boils in minutes. The machine body is made of glass and metal and pleases with its high quality. A closed coil serves as a heating element.

Mainly made of glass. A high quality filter is installed inside to keep the tea leaves out. The volume of the teapot is 1.2 liters, and the volume of the electric kettle is 1.7 liters, which completely satisfies the vast majority of buyers.

The heating base of the teapot has a high-quality thermostat, so the user can choose any temperature from the range from 70 to 100 degrees - this process is stepless here.

The model is equipped exclusively with the function of boiling water, others are not provided. Kettles can be swapped and placed on any part of the stand, which is also noted in consumer reviews. The manufacturer took care of the presence of blocking the inclusion of the tea maker in the absence of water, but did not consider the need for an airtight gasket for the lid of the electric kettle, so that water will flow not only from the spout, but also partially pour out from under the lid.

Price: 2600 rubles.

ProfiCook PC-TKS 1056
  • there is a thermostat;
  • body made of high quality materials;
  • large volume;
  • good protection system.
  • you can only heat up to 100 degrees;
  • there is no gasket in the lid of the electric kettle.
  • there is no function of maintaining the heating temperature.
  • high cost.

Bosch tta 2201

With this small model, you can safely give a large family a hot drink. The removable filter has a mechanical descaling function. The machine consists of two structures, the body is made of plastic, which does not have foreign odors. According to the manufacturer's idea, after making tea, the machine switches to heating mode, so that the drink will always be hot.

Price: from 4199 rubles.

Bosch tta 2201
  • in the heating mode, you can sterilize the dishes.
  • there is no automatic shutdown.
  • liquid leaks from the spout.

Expensive tea machines

Kitfort KT-630

The model of a well-known brand is considered one of the best with automatic control, equipped with various functions. It is possible to control the volume of the cup and the strength of the drink. The device, consisting of a container and a brewing grid, which is easy to remove for cleaning, is an almost indispensable kitchen device for fans of quality tea. The accompanying instructions describe its functionality.

Cost: from 9200 rubles.

Kitfort KT-630
  • the properties of tea are preserved;
  • quiet work;
  • power indicator;
  • display.
  • the power button is not very conveniently located;
  • small beverage yield.

Sharp te-t 01 ocha tech

A retro-styled Japanese tea ceremony machine is a real decoration for any kitchen, not just a tea maker. The device has a very interesting design - beveled edges, as well as a pleasant warm color. The small capacity is inferior to other models, but there are many advantages in handling. The model is capable of preparing up to 4 cups of tea at a time, is equipped with several brewing programs and the function of crushing the leaves. The set includes a book of tea recipes.

Price: from 7099 rubles.

Sharp te-t 01 ocha tech
  • interesting functional design;
  • high quality heating element;
  • Japanese brewing technology.
  • low heating rate;
  • high cost.

Summing up

The list includes models of the best tea makers available on the Russian market. You can safely purchase each of the models discussed in the review, and it can bring joy by preparing a wonderful rich drink in any volume.

The range of devices for brewing tea has long expanded and has ceased to be limited exclusively to teapots and teapots, and the automatic tea maker has smoothly moved from the exotic category to the usual everyday one and has become simply necessary for many. It is very convenient for lovers of this hot drink to prepare delicious tea in it, maintaining the required temperature, as well as achieving the required volume and saturation.

The growing demand for tea brewing machines determines the selection criteria depending on the needs. Now you can easily choose a horizontal or vertical model, restrict yourself to small functionality, or give preference to the advanced one. There are models that can rinse and grind tea leaves into powder for special recipes, with the ability to brew blends or pure varieties. There are even models that can additionally prepare cold drinks - they are stirred without heating. Or individual tea makers, being in the heating mode, can act as a sterilizer for dishes. In short, there is plenty to choose from, and our review will help you with this.

Knowing how to choose a tea machine, you can successfully buy such household appliances, using the rating and customer reviews.