1. Features of electronic diaries for personal records
  2. Benefits of Electronic School Diaries
  3. The best apps for pupils and students
  4. Best diaries for personal records

Rating of the best e-diaries for 2020

Rating of the best e-diaries for 2020

Electronic diaries are special applications for a smartphone. Depending on the functionality of the program, they allow you to make short notes, plan time or draw up a school schedule. From the pros - information can be easily changed, and the built-in information sorting system will make it easy to navigate the records. You can save the really important moments of your life by adding photos and videos to your electronic diary.

Features of electronic diaries for personal records

It is said that keeping a personal journal helps you feel better. In fact, this is also the best friend to whom you can tell everything absolutely honestly, without fear of condemnation. And also a personal psychotherapist (by rereading the notes, you can analyze what exactly affects the most, how you managed to get out of stressful situations). Well, just a book of life, which you can reread, remembering the most important moments.

By the way, the benefits of keeping diaries have been scientifically proven by psychologists from the American Duke University. According to one of the study participants, Timothy Wilson, daily writing helps not only to improve memory, but also to understand what worries a person, to change the situation for the better.

To keep a diary, you don't have to buy a thick notebook, you just need to download a special program to your smartphone. As for the choice, everything is very individual here. For some, the functions of a diary are important - the ability to adjust and manage plans, to quickly exchange information with colleagues. Others are much more important interface, security of personal data.

Benefits of Electronic School Diaries

The first electronic diaries appeared in 2014, after the decree of the Russian government. The reform was intended to simplify the work of teachers and provide parents with access to information about the performance of their children. The electronic diary will not be accidentally "lost"; it will not be possible to rip out pages from it or fake grades. And the excuse "nothing was asked" is easy to check by looking into the application.

In addition to the official Internet resources of the school itself (not always convenient, by the way) there are many applications that will help the student plan the time, save call schedules, and even remind him what to teach the lessons.

When choosing an application, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • interface - should be simple and convenient (especially when it comes to primary school students);
  • functionality - the ability to adjust the schedule, record homework (it is better if you can do this from the widget on the screen, without going into the application);
  • It's good if, after installing the application, access to reference books or tutorials is opened.

The only drawback of such applications is that the child fills in the diary himself, so it will not be possible to supervise the homework. On the other hand, taking notes in a smartphone is much more interesting than in a regular paper diary.

But for students, such programs are an excellent alternative to diaries, notebooks. Nothing will be lost, and it will be much easier to sort the information. Schedule, reference books, names of teachers (relevant for freshmen) will always be at hand.

The best apps for pupils and students

5+ by Involta

The interface and functionality are similar to the paper version of the classic paper school diary. You can make a schedule of lessons, calls, give grades in subjects. In a separate tab, you can write down the full name, contacts of teachers, as well as the subjects they teach (no more than 3 for each). The number of accounts is not limited. Additional functions include creating personal notes.

In general, a convenient application with a laconic, non-distracting design. The minimum smartphone OS requirements are Android 4.1 and higher.

The number of downloads is 500,000+, the rating is 4.0.

  • clear interface;
  • excellent functionality;
  • free installation.
  • advertising (the time of display is fixed), which can be a great hindrance when recording homework.

School by Flaring App

A real personal assistant for schoolchildren and parents. Suitable for grades 5-11, useful for students. Functionality:

  • scheduling (day, week - item names can be replaced with icons);
  • save the names of teachers, room numbers;
  • compilation and saving of any notes;
  • built-in reference books for mathematics, physics, chemistry, English, geography and calculator of trigonometric functions;
  • in the "Books" section you can store electronic textbooks or just your favorite books.

In the "contacts" tab, the phone numbers of teachers and school friends are saved, and the notification function will remind you of unlearned lessons.
The interface is moderately bright, but does not distract attention. You can change the theme if you want (options from black to pink).
The application has already been installed by more than 1,000,000 users, the rating is 4.4.

  • built-in directories;
  • convenient navigation;
  • function of reminders;
  • works without internet connection.
  • advertising.

Diary from SkyLark

Bright design, wide functionality. For the convenience of users, the days of the week are highlighted in different colors. It is possible not only to write down your homework, but also to mark its completion or set up alerts (what lessons need to be done by tomorrow, for example).
The interface is user-friendly and clear, with tips and explanations for users. The application works without internet. OS requirements - not lower than version 4.4.
Downloads - over 10,000, rating - 4.3.

  • clear and simple interface;
  • the ability to control homework;
  • works without an internet connection;
  • no ads.
  • you cannot make personal notes.

Weeklie - timetable for schools and universities

A universal application with optimal functionality, a convenient widget on the smartphone screen that shows the schedule by day of the week. It is also possible to set up reminders, schedule calls (start time, end time for pairs) and share the schedule with friends.
Students will benefit from the function of filling out the diary by week (even, odd) plus automatic correction - the names of the subjects must be written down once, if the schedule changes, the application will do everything on its own.
Of the minuses - the application is paid, you won't be able to add a text file (only notes and comments), you can't write down the names of the teachers, as well as change the topic.
Installations - over 100,000, overall user rating - 3.9, price - 99 rubles, OS requirements - Android from 5.1.

  • widget on the screen;
  • you can share the schedule with friends;
  • nothing superfluous - only the essentials for study.
  • advertising;
  • you cannot change the topic;
  • it is not very convenient to fill out the schedule;
  • you cannot add tasks from the widget (only through the application).

Diary from Vasin Nikita

Application for viewing the electronic diary on the "Diary ru." Portal. Simple interface, minimal functionality - lesson schedule, homework and the ability to track grades in real time.
The program is free, it works stably, without lags and freezes (the device must meet the minimum requirements), there is advertising, but the plate is located at the very bottom of the display, so it does not interfere with viewing.
Downloads - 1000+ (it is quite possible that frequent blocking is to blame), rating - 4.9.

  • all the information you need in one place;
  • good feedback;
  • the average score in the subjects is displayed (the place in the classroom is displayed).
  • a large amount of animation - you need a powerful smartphone (in future versions, a button for disabling effects will be provided);
  • advertising.

Best diaries for personal records

Diaro by Pixel Crater Ltd

Will become a diary, a photo album, and a personal diary. Here you can choose the interface "for yourself" (change the font, theme), sort entries by tags, geolocations or words (parameters change in the settings), and even mark the mood.

Main functions:

  • automatic geotagging;
  • built-in calendar for viewing and searching records;
  • the ability to attach a photo to the records (the number is not limited);
  • export of files in PDF format;
  • support for multi-window mode.

The paid version has the function of backing up and synchronizing data on linked devices via Dropbox. You can protect personal information with a password (set in the settings).
Installs - more than 1 million, the current user rating is 4.6, the price is from 30 rubles (there is a promotional version).

  • easy to use;
  • convenient sorting of records;
  • reliable protection of personal information.


  • photos are saved in poor quality;
  • few colors and structures for the background (3 themes).

Journey Two App Studio Pte. Ltd

The electronic diary journal is similar in functionality to the previous application. You can add photo and video files, enable automatic geolocation detection, easy event search, and:

  • saving records to Google Drive;
  • access to the web version without an application;
  • automatic addition of weather and movement data;
  • function "Return to the past" - will allow you to remember important moments (plus search by calendar);
  • customization using plugins (Google Fit, for example);
  • export and import of files in text and PDF format.

Users note the prompt work of technical support, a pleasant-looking and intuitive interface. The only drawback is the price. Full functionality is available only after purchasing the premium version, which is 7,599 rubles.
Downloads - 100,000+, user rating - 4.6.

  • easy to manage, share entries in social networks and messengers;
  • you can save video files;
  • when reinstalling the application, the original data is restored;
  • protection of information using a digital password.


  • high price.

MAY 7 from Daily inc.

Multifunctional program with reliable protection of personal data (password, fingerprint). Here you can not only write down thoughts and impressions, search for events by dates in the calendar, save images to a photo album. Another advantage is that photos can be inserted into the text (in other programs, photos are installed either at the beginning or at the end of the note).

Additional options:

  • export (import) of files to Google Drive;
  • journals (with map support) - suitable for travel records;
  • hashtags;
  • creating a profile;
  • export to PDF.

The profile can be customized for yourself (a good selection of themes and fonts), laconic, beautiful design - nothing more, it's not difficult to figure it out.
Downloads - 1 million, estimate - 4.6, paid application, price - 79-499 rubles.

  • attractive design;
  • functional;
  • convenient settings (size and style of the font).


  • attached photos lose great quality;
  • the function of notifications is not well thought out.


Diary for the lazy - you can keep records using the icon-icons. On the basis of marks and statistics will be built for the week, month, year. Text notes can also be used, for example, to explain the reason for joy or bad mood.

After a certain period of time, you can identify interesting patterns, and, if you wish, share statistics with your friends. An intuitive interface, settings (from design to the name of emotions) are easy to customize.

In the free version, export of records to a CSV file is available, when purchasing a paid version - to PDF, with the ability to print.
Downloads - 10 million, rating - 4.6.

  • interesting icons;
  • registration;
  • profile settings.


  • free trial period for 7 days.

Diary - Write Journal by Ascendik Niš

Diary-journal is all-in-one. Suitable for taking personal notes, planning important events, compiling a photo report while traveling. You can attach photos and emoticons to convey the mood or save the pictures to your personal, password-protected photojournal.

The daily reminders feature will help you not to miss an important meeting. A convenient search function will help you "sort" events by date or name.
Among the shortcomings - the program, according to an algorithm only known to it, selects the title photo for recording (it cannot be changed manually), you will have to pay extra for updates (often these are just added smiles). Well, the record button is located inconveniently - it closes the line with the text.
Downloads - more than 100,000, rating - 4.7, price - 399 rubles.

  • suitable for daily writing and planning;
  • alert function;
  • saving information in cloud storage - if you lose your smartphone, the data can be
  • restore;
  • strong password.
  • advertising;
  • inconvenient save button.

Password Diary (Handy Diary) by Appeus

Not a bad program with the protection of personal information. Authorization - only after entering the password. If you remember the problem code, you can add a security question or an email address to restore access to your account.

The interface changes at the request of the user (beatings, style and font size). You can also add photos, rate other users' posts, sort notes by category. And also send files by email or share them with friends.

Easy navigation and easy search for events on the quick view screen or using filters (by category, rating or keywords).

Downloads - more than 5,000,000, rating - 4.6, price - 59-239 rubles.

  • convenient to use;
  • you can change themes (20 to choose from);
  • Handy Diary is blocked immediately after exiting the application.
  • search for events using filters.
  • problems with updating the date;
  • in case of a program error, all saved records and photos may be deleted, it will not be possible to restore it.

The electronic diary is a handy application that is always at hand. You can take notes, save travel photos, make to-do lists and monitor their implementation. For schoolchildren and students, such programs can be an excellent alternative to notebooks and regular diaries. It will be much easier to write down the schedule and monitor your progress.