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A motorized towing vehicle, also called a motorized dog, is a useful assistant for fishermen, hunters and owners of country houses for the most convenient way of doing household chores. The editors of the site "mytop-en.designuspro.com" have compiled a rating of the best towing vehicles in 2020 based on customer reviews and expert opinion.

Origin story

Motorized dogs, as well as snowmobiles as users know them today, originated in Canada.

Local harsh weather conditions and spacious areas have led to the mechanization of the movement of people in winter. Snowmobiles have radically changed and improved during their own existence, while motorized dogs are still relatively affordable units with a simple design.

The first motorcycle dogs that went beyond the handicraft (for example, the Bolens Hus Ski) possessed the compilation that is still used today: a gasoline engine powered by a generator, a wide track and a centrifugal clutch.

On the territory of the Russian Federation, for many years, only garage masters pored over the production of such units, who used ready-made schemes from magazines. However, as of 2020, the Russian market offers an extensive selection of factory motorized dogs.

The main advantage of modern models is not that they are affordable or there is no need for registration for them, since at the level of the law they are, in some way, classified as walk-behind tractors. The advantage of such units, first of all, lies in their small dimensions: some can easily fit into a car trunk, for which fishermen, hunters, etc. are so fond of motor dogs.

Top manufacturers

If the user decides to purchase a motorized dog himself, then, as practice shows, difficulties arise with the choice of a company. The fact is that the manufacturers of these vehicles, like any other firms producing something, are just as eloquent in promoting their own products. The editors of the site "mytop-en.designuspro.com" have made for you, in addition to the rating of the most popular models, also the TOP of the best manufacturers that are trusted by consumers:

  • IKUDZO is a completely new level of Russian motorized towing vehicles.The motorized dogs of this company, designed to the smallest detail, are many times ahead of similar tugs in all respects: the use of innovative technologies not only at the production stage, but also in the design, strict quality control, laser cutting, as well as multi-layer painting and equipment with high-quality motors from HONDA, ZONGSHEN, LONCIN and LIFAN.
  • Opti MAX. Premium class motor towing vehicles. The company's strategy is to produce reliable and high quality towing vehicles.
  • Baltmotors is a domestic company that has won the hearts of users both in Russia and abroad. Its outdoor products are exported to the United States, Canada and Europe.
  • Koira is a manufacturer from Arkhangelsk with an extensive catalog of similar vehicles. Any user can find the most favorable model for a specific time of the year, buy a motorized towing vehicle according to the type of engine, power indicator or travel. If necessary, the manufacturer will make a vehicle to order.
  • Burlak is a domestic company that specializes only in the manufacture of motorized towing vehicles. The production facilities of the company are located in Rybinsk. Testing each motorcycle dog allows designers to design models taking into account the specifics of operation and climate.
  • The "man" has been in this niche for over 5 years. During this time, the company managed to sell about 16,000 devices. The towing vehicles of this manufacturer are comfortable, maneuverable, stand out against the background of competitors by their lightness, and also enable their owners to cope with off-road conditions not only in winter, but also in summer.
  • "Razgulyay" stands side by side with the agricultural sector, in connection with which each model of the company is a compact sample of agricultural equipment with excellent lifting capacity and cross-country ability.
  • Tofalar manufactures small all-terrain vehicles in the inexpensive segment.
  • "Pomor" offers users a range of units of the large company "Omela Group". Motorized dogs of this brand stand out against the background of competitors with a reliable walker with tracks that can be exchanged for a ski module.

What to look for when choosing


The greatest load during off-road driving falls on this element. The suspension distributes the weight of the vehicle and the load onto the track, while the force can be drastically changed. Suspension happens:

  • roller (this type is considered to be all-season) - tracks move on rotating rollers: not suitable for driving on melted or loose snow;
  • skis - ideal for moving through the snow, since the design features imply the sliding of the caterpillar track along the slides (skis), in addition, heating occurs due to friction, and the main units cool down under the influence of snow;

Important! Vehicles with this type of suspension stand out from the rest with excellent cross-country ability and economical fuel consumption, however, it is not recommended to operate such motorized towing vehicles without snow. Certain models of equipment are equipped with springs for better comfort during movement.

  • pneumatic - made directly to overcome swampy areas (units with such a suspension are characterized by a smooth ride, which makes the ride as comfortable as possible).


In the latest generation motorized towing vehicles, as a rule, there are 4-stroke gasoline engines with a capacity of 5-15 horsepower. Honda (Japan) and Briggs & Stratton (USA) have proven their worth. Lifan and MTR from China are worthy rivals. Experts advise giving preference to high-powered models, because only such a motorized dog will cope with the most difficult tasks.


For ease of control, manufacturers equip their own units with an automatic clutch or a variator.The most favorable solution, according to experts and buyers, is a transmission with a Safari variator, which has proven itself excellent in the harsh Russian climate.

Application area

The technique is selected taking into account the specifics of the territory, the cargo to be transported, as well as the type of road surface. For fans of winter fishing and hunters, a small-sized apparatus that perfectly overcomes ice and snow will be an excellent option. For the operation of motorized dogs in autumn and spring, experts advise you to look at the units that are able to overcome the swampy terrain.

Useful information! Motorized towing vehicles with roller suspension perfectly ride on grass and mud.

Lifting capacity

For a pleasant pastime in the fresh air with friends, you should focus your own attention on the traction capabilities of a particular model. If the user loves speed, then it is worth giving preference to lightweight and high-speed technology.

One fisherman will have enough carrying capacity of a sled of about 200 kg, and if a group of several people is going to hunt, then it is worth buying a model that can cope with 500-700 kg of load in a hitch.


The final criterion is the manufacturer, since a large number of primitive equipment assembled by amateurs is presented on the Internet.

Pros and cons of front and rear wheel drive on motorized dogs

Let's take a look at the advantages of front and rear wheel drive units.

Front-wheel drive

The main advantage of front-wheel drive units is their traction parameters, and due to the center of gravity, which is located in front, the space for interaction with the surface increases. This has a positive effect on the cross-country ability of such motorized dogs. The disadvantage of front-wheel drive units is poor mobility and handling.

Rear drive

In contrast, such towing vehicles have excellent agility and easy handling, since the center of gravity is located next to the hitch. If we talk about the indicators of carrying capacity and cross-country ability, then everything is just as good here, but it should be remembered that if you move on such a motor dog with an unloaded trailer, then there is a high probability of rearing up.

The best moto towing vehicles of 2020

If the acquisition is planned for the long term, and there is enough free space in the garage, then it will be advisable to buy a highly reliable all-season unit. In an environment of extreme climatic conditions with long winters, a motorized dog for deep snow is needed in the literal sense of the word. This technique allows you to easily overcome deep snowdrifts and transport cargo.

To simplify the choice, the editors of the site "mytop-en.designuspro.com" analyzed more than two hundred proposals from various manufacturers. We focused on the next 10 units.


This is one of the best moto dogs in our rating, which is equipped with Japanese "stuffing". This model is adapted to the conditions of the Russian winter, so it will easily help the owner to overcome deep snow. The unit is equipped with a Japanese-made four-stroke engine with a power rating of 15 hp.

The drive is located at the front, a reinforced variator is provided. For 1 hour of operation, a motorized dog consumes about 2.5 liters of gasoline, and the top speed of the model reaches 45 km / h.

Important! This is a motorized towing vehicle with the most powerful technical characteristics in the Russian Federation.

The carrying capacity of the device itself is 80 kg. The model will pull another 450 kg if you attach 3 sleds.

The average price is 120,000 rubles.

motorized towing vehicle IKUDZO 500 EKR15
  • attractive appearance;
  • thought out to the smallest detail;
  • the presence of a compartment for the tool;
  • there is a reverse function;
  • reliable motor made in Japan;
  • plasma cutting;
  • high assembly reliability;
  • good cross-country performance.
  • some users considered the price too high, but the device fully justifies the price tag.


The tugboat, popular among domestic buyers, with a length of 1440 mm, is equipped with a 15 hp engine. This model is adapted to the conditions of the Russian winter, so it is ideal for driving in deep snow. For better comfort of use, both manual and electric start is provided.

This motorcycle dog is equipped with a highly reliable engine that boasts a long service life. Among other things, the model we are considering stands out against the background of competitors with an incredible carrying capacity, whose indicators reach 500 kg (if you attach a sled). The maximum speed reached is 40 km / h.

The average price is 109,600 rubles.

motorized towing vehicle OPTI-MAX 15
  • high assembly reliability;
  • competent placement of the motor;
  • soft suspension;
  • internal combustion engine pillows;
  • the presence of a reverse function;
  • electric start;
  • the presence of heated handles;
  • a cigarette lighter is provided;
  • variator like "Safari".
  • not detected.


This model is designed for deep snow and use in Russian winter conditions. The device has a 15 hp engine, which is characterized by stable operation and high assembly reliability. Unit length is 1440 mm, weight - 73 kg.

Like other equipment of this type, SNOW DOG is equipped with a variator transmission of the "Safari" type. By the way, as of 2020, this type of transmission is considered one of the best. If you attach the sled, the motorized dog will easily transport the owner and another 300 kg of cargo.

The average price is 69,900 rubles.

motorized towing vehicle X-MOTORS SNOW DOG 15 HP
  • high assembly reliability;
  • availability when compared with similar options;
  • reliable motor;
  • simplicity of design.
  • low quality bearings.

Barboss Standart 15ME

Despite the strict design, the weight of this device is only 130 kg. This suggests that the model can easily fit into a pickup or jeep. The manufacturer took user safety into account, so it equipped the model with large tracks, a 6mm high-quality plastic case and a reinforced frame that covers the motor.

The motorcycle throttle grip, made in Italy, feels comfortable in the hand and does not need much effort to get started. To prevent sudden overturning or skidding, a protective check helps, which immediately turns off the engine, at the same time disc-type brakes are instantly applied. Owners of "Barbos" write about good noise suppression, which is non-standard for this type of motorized dog, which does not bother the population of the surrounding area even at night. For the most convenient movement, it is possible to put an additional headlight.

The average price is 89,900 rubles.

motorized towing vehicle Barboss Standart 15ME
  • protected bottom;
  • capacity no more than 3 people;
  • caterpillars can be easily pulled with your own hands;
  • the presence of mud flaps;
  • duration of a guarantee: 2 years.
  • front-wheel drive, the shortcomings of which we wrote above.


This 15 horsepower model is suitable for year-round use. This motorized towing vehicle has shown itself to be one of the best in terms of travel safety in extreme conditions. The device is equipped with an electric starter and a headlamp with a power of 18 watts.

The maximum speed indicator of this towing vehicle reaches 40 km / h. On the hitch, the model is capable of carrying no more than 650 kg of cargo, while consuming no more than 3 l / h of fuel. Among other things, the KOIRA 15 boasts a highly reliable CVT transmission.

The average price is 120,600 rubles.

motorized towing vehicle KOIRA 15 hp
  • high assembly reliability;
  • powerful motor;
  • excellent cross-country performance.
  • some users thought the cost was too high.


This model is most often preferred by hunters. This motorized towing vehicle is also called the "Promyslovik". The device has a 15 hp engine, besides, it stands out against the background of competitors with excellent cross-country ability. The unit can carry about 40 kg of cargo on itself, and another 250 kg on sleds.

Our rating presents the most popular modification with an electric starter, but the manufacturer also offers a version with a manual one. For 1 hour drive "Burlak" consumes 3.7 liters of fuel, which can be attributed to minor disadvantages.

The average price is 100 400 rubles.

motorized towing vehicle BURLAK-M2 LFK 15 hp
  • high assembly reliability;
  • simplicity of design;
  • economical.
  • low quality bearings;
  • expensive.

Man 500M

This is a quality Russian single track model which is ideal for driving on snow and off-road. Of the main characteristics of a motorized towing vehicle, it is worth highlighting:

  • track width - 50 cm;
  • motor power - 15 hp;
  • variator transmission of the "Safari" type;
  • headlamp with a power of 27 watts.

The undoubted advantage of this unit is its high speed, the maximum rate of which is capable of reaching 55 km / h, while the "Man 500M" consumes only 2.5 liters of fuel per hour. On the hitch, the unit pulls no more than 750 kg of load.

The average price is 68,000 rubles.

motorized towing vehicle Man 500M
  • high build quality;
  • reliable motor;
  • simplicity of design.
  • low quality bearings;
  • not the original variator;
  • cheap skating rinks;
  • high price.

BTS 15 hp

This is a reliable model for transporting goods in deep snow on a sleigh. The weight of the load should not exceed 300 kg. This motorized dog has a motor with a power of 15 horsepower. The manufacturer has equipped the device with a variator gearbox, which, together with the engine, gives the motorized towing vehicle the ability to accelerate to 60 km / h.

An efficient air cooling system protects the engine from overheating and temperature extremes. The design also provides for an electric start, thanks to which the BTS can be easily started even at aggressive negative temperatures.

The average price is 76,000 rubles.

motorized towing vehicle BTS 15 hp
  • economical engine;
  • variator transmission of the "Safari" type.
  • poor basic equipment.

Walk-around-18.5 comfort

This is a powerful sectional model with a drive located at the rear, which overcomes almost any difficult obstacle, including icy waters and swampy terrain. It is worth noting that in the motor dog we are considering, good shock absorbers are installed, thanks to which the unevenness of the coating is smoothed as much as possible.

The owner also does not have to worry about the bearings and the track, since the manufacturer has provided special protection for these units. Occupancy - no more than 2 people. "Razgulyay" can be equipped with a windshield and a plastic wardrobe trunk for all sorts of little things.

The average price is 125,500 rubles.

motorized towing vehicle Razgulay-18.5 comfort
  • economical fuel consumption;
  • the drive is located at the back;
  • excellent cross-country performance;
  • easily understands;
  • compactness;
  • availability of additional accessories.
  • lack of a cover on the motor.

MBG-2 "Blizzard"

This compact piece of motorcycle looks like a reinforced children's snowmobile with a motor. The model will be an excellent solution for fishermen and hunters, as it easily drives on ice and off-road. Due to its compactness, the equipment can easily fit into the car trunk, of course, disassembled.

By the way, "Blizzard" is easy to disassemble, so this process can be handled independently, without much effort and a special tool.Despite the fact that the unit we are considering is not positioned by the manufacturer as a motorized towing vehicle designed for movement in deep snow, buyers living in the northern regions of Russia tested it, and the tests were successful. The device is suitable for use in Russian winter conditions, since the range of temperatures declared by the manufacturer varies from +5 to -30 degrees Celsius. The motor can be tested in more extreme conditions, but for this the user needs to have an impressive frost resistance.

The average price is 65,000 rubles.

motorized towing vehicle MBG-2 "Vyuga"
  • compactness;
  • availability;
  • Ease of controls;
  • reliable motor.
  • low engine power.

How the rating was compiled

TOP was compiled on the basis of consideration of the most famous models of motorized dogs. The editors of the site "mytop-en.designuspro.com" took into account user reviews, reviews from critics and the views of experts. To get into the rating, motorized towing vehicles had to meet positive indicators in the following parameters:

  • safety;
  • type of motor start;
  • chassis;
  • comfortable operation;
  • resistance to negative temperatures;
  • track width;
  • patency;
  • the type of fuel used;
  • the need for a driver's license;
  • need for maintenance;
  • duration of the guarantee;
  • the presence of auxiliary accessories included.

When choosing, you should also take into account the cost of the model, its size, weight and durability.

Optional accessories

Of the accessories for such devices, the following are distinguished:

  • The pusher module, by means of which it is easier to control the passability of the motor dog. Typically, these devices are equipped with two seats.
  • A sled made of dense plastic sheet, the thickness of which is 8 mm, a metal frame and protective linings on the bottom (height - 13 mm, width - 5 cm). The sleigh has the ability to transport a pusher.
  • Suspension of a skid type, with which you can improve the performance of a motorized dog on melted or deep snow.
  • A cover that will protect transport from the negative effects of wind and precipitation. The presence of the cover allows you to reduce the wear of the motorized towing vehicle and increase the time of using the vehicle.
  • Clutches that protect the user from frost, wind, snow and rain. They are made from several layers of fabric. The upper, as a rule, has a high density and moisture resistance. The inner layer assumes the presence of polyurethane inserts and a soft lining. The clutch quickly warms the driver's hands and eliminates the possibility of moisture or wind ingress.

Criteria for choosing a motorized towing vehicle from experienced anglers

Users who have been able to test the purchased motorized dog can provide useful recommendations. The tips below will help you make the right decision about buying a car:

  • The most favorable power is considered to be 6.5 hp. Such a unit is suitable for transporting small loads, as well as several people. For driving on terrain with difficult terrain and transporting oversized cargo, experts recommend buying a motorized towing vehicle with a capacity of 10 horsepower or more.
  • Even before purchasing a car, you need to determine which drive you need. Front-wheel drive models differ from rear-wheel drive cars in better cross-country performance and, on the contrary, rear-wheel drive towing vehicles outrun their "brothers" in speed.
  • Experts advise to conduct a thorough inspection of the motorized dog in order to protect the main components from corrosion. It will not be superfluous to ask the seller a question about the level of strength of the case.
  • To drive at night, you need to buy a car with a powerful headlight.
  • The heated grips option allows you to ride long distances.

What is the difference between a snowmobile and a motorized towing vehicle

Any technique has both advantages and disadvantages. Motorized dogs are no exception.Snowmobiles and motorized towing vehicles are very similar, and therefore difficulties arise in the process of choosing such a vehicle. Motorized dogs are comfortable while driving, and also differ from similar equipment in ease of handling.

If you need a car for systematic hunting and fishing trips, then a motorized dog would be an excellent solution. If speed and ride comfort are paramount, then the purchase of a snowmobile should be preferred. This is a large and rather expensive vehicle with excellent mobility parameters.

The moto dog consumes less fuel, fits in the car trunk and stands out from the background of snowmobiles by its availability. The motorized towing vehicle can be equipped with a sled, a ski module, etc. The main advantage of a motorized towing vehicle in comparison with a snowmobile is that it can be used in any climatic conditions. To make a final decision, you need to study the merits and demerits of these machines.

Snowmobile Advantages:
  • high speed;
  • you can transport bulky cargo;
  • good maneuverability.
Disadvantages of snowmobiles:
  • high price;
  • difficulties in transportation;
  • such vehicles are classified as traumatic, so there is a risk of overturning.

Motorized dogs are in demand by hunters and fishermen. A motorized towing vehicle can be used not only in winter, but also in spring.

Advantages of motorized dogs:
  • small size;
  • affordability (versus snowmobiles);
  • excellent cross-country performance;
  • safety;
  • simple construction;
  • low probability of overturning.
Disadvantages of motorized dogs:
  • are not a viable option for high-speed movement, since this indicator among motorized towing vehicles rarely exceeds the mark of 30-50 km / h.

When purchasing such vehicles, you need to take into account the monetary aspect and the purpose of the technique. For fishermen, hunters and foresters a motorized dog will be an excellent option, and a snowmobile will be an excellent option for fans of overcoming long distances and outdoor activities.

Important! The legislation of the Russian Federation states that a motorized towing vehicle is a small-scale mechanization vehicle. This suggests that a technical passport for such machines is not provided at the time of purchase and there is no need to register a towing vehicle, but it is forbidden to drive motor dogs on public roads.